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Through Heaven's Gate and Back
A Spiritual Journey of Healing and What it Taught Me About Love, Life, and Forgiveness
Lee’s book is an autobiographical account of how her life-changing encounter during her near-death experience helped guide her on a path of healing. An upbringing that included childhood sexual abuse and deception left her battling depression and illness on her quest for wholeness. Her story revolves around her struggle to assimilate the Light of the near-death experience into her life so that in her later years she was able to benefit from its many lessons and pass those along to others. She recounts the wounds she received growing up in a world where respectable appearances concealed the reality of underlying secrets, violation, duplicity and manipulation. In the course of going through a divorce, long separations from her son, struggles with unresolved family issues, and trying to heal from a chronic illness, she learns universal lessons about love, self-acceptance, and forgiveness that help her win her hard-fought battle for wholeness, authenticity, and the realization of her purpose. The blessings she reaps from the Light are testament to her that all adversities can be overcome through connection to the inner light that exists within every individual. She hopes that sharing her story may help others who have suffered similar adversities or sought greater fulfillment and the realization of their own unique gifts.


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